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New Release: Spetsnaz Assault Squad – Zverograd Pattern

The Spetsnaz have arrived in Zverograd! Unlike other Spetsnaz Units, the Assault Squad is equipped with a light body armor to give them extra protection. They are among the sneakiest Spetsnaz Units, able to get very close to the enemy, report their position and call in the artillery.

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New release: Winter Child – Alternate Pose Premium

The brightest star in the whole Sino-Soviet Union is back with a vengeance! Colonel Ivan “Winter Child” Vasiliev is a legend among his Bloc and even further in the World of Dust.
This awesome figurine has been sculpted by Spanish Master Joaquin Palacios after a concept by world-renowned artist Karl Kopinski. It is offered with a choice of bases enabling you to field it with either Babylon or Zverograd forces.

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New release: Iron Joe – Zverograd Pattern

A legend among the GRU Spetsnaz, Iron Joe leads all SSU special forces in the Zverograd area of operations at the same time. He is presented here wearing winter camo, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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New release: Ivan the Butcher – Zverograd Pattern

One of the fiercest Spetsnaz in the whole Sino-Soviet Union, Ivan the Butcher earned his nickname thanks to his brutal methods in the field and as he trained a whole generation of special forces. Ivan is presented here wearing winter camo, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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New platoon for SSU: Guaï-Lo Moloi Steel Guard Platoon

The Steel Guard get a new platoon, courtesy of the Endless War campaign!
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New releases: Blutkreuz Headquarters, Lilith’s Coven, PLA helicopter, and more!

Leaders of the dreadful BlutKreuz Korps, Cultists of the Mythos Gods, Fallschirmjäger of the Luftwaffe, USMC Specialists and SSU/PLA Assaulter & Controller… they all just arrived!

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New release: Steel Guards Command Squad – Babylon Pattern

The Steel Guards are veterans whose bodies have been badly damaged by the horrors of this Endless War… But their spirit, courage and love for the Motherland are untouched! Officers of the Steel Guards Command Squad direct their comrades on the battlefield and are formidable warriors in their own right. They have seen and been through the worse, many times. There’s nothing on the planet they can’t handle.

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New release: Nina (TSh) – Babylon and Kondor Patterns

The “Nina” variant of the KV-47 is one of the most popular in the grand Sino-Soviet Union terrestrial forces. Its huge RPG (Ruchnoi Protivotankoviy Granatomyot, Rocket-Propelled Grenades) is devastating to any ground target and ignores even the heaviest armors. Luckily for the enemies of the SSU, these weapons only have a quite short range…

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New release: Spetsnaz Command Squad – Zverograd Pattern

The SSU’ Spetsnaz special forces have infiltrated deep into Zverograd. The newly formed chaos in the city will be a new hunting ground for these ruthless men… The Spetsnaz Command Squad is a special unit of field officers whose skills are invaluable. They are equipped with automatic rifles, a machine gun and a flamethrower, and their sole presence on the battlefield can change the entire course of battle. A wise general should take care to protect these experienced officers. The squad is presented here in winter pattern, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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New release: PT-47A – Babylon and Kondor Patterns

Developed initially for special operations use, this command amphibious ready vehicle is slowly becoming a staple of SSU forces around the planet. At the moment it can be mostly found with Spetsnaz and PLA forces, which make the most of its capabilities: the PT-47A can go nearly everywhere with a small group of soldiers. This version is equipped with enhance communications capabilities perfectly suited for a command vehicle.

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