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New release: The Euphrates’ Crocodile

The Euphrates’ Crocodile is one of the Cult’s heavy assault vehicle, finding the enemies of the Mythos wherever they might hide! A simple and straightforward Vehicle, it’s here to burn your opponents to death. It is presented here in Kondor camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New release: Luftwaffe RSO, SSU Steel Guard HQ, Pounder/Hotdog & USMC Support Weapons

THESE NEW BOXES INCLUDE COMBINED UNIT/HERO & MULTI-VARIANT MODELS USMC Support Weapons, Steel Guards Headquarters, Pounder/Hotdog, Luftwaffe RSO Flak/Laserkanone/Pak 40… just an awesome pack!

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New release: Purifier/Eradicator Conversion Set

With its Flamethrower and Machinegun, the Purifier can take on any ground target on the battlefield. The Eradicator is the Cult’s scouting vehicle, finding the enemies of the Mythos wherever they might hide. This resin conversion set allows you to assemble either the Purifier or the Eradicator using the 1/48 scale ACE MODELS: BA-20 or the UM MODELS: BA-10 (not supplied).

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Releases: Imperial Japanese Navy & Scenery

IJN Units, Walkers & Dice and a Middle Eastern Scenery just arrived!

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New Releases: USMC HQ, Axis/SSU Walkers & SSU Tanks

These new boxes include combined unit/heroes & multi-variant models


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New Releases: Imperial Japanese Navy, Desert Scorpions, SSU/PLA, Cthulhu Mythos, Hellgate

IJN Starter Sets, Units & Walkers, DS Starter Sets & Units, Cthulhu Mythos Mi-Go Raiders, SSU/PLA Helicopters and the Hellgate Campaign Book just arrived!

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New Release: AB-43 Lanciafiamme Conversion Set

The Autoblinda 43 (AB-43, Armored Car model 1943) of the Regio Esercito (Royal Army) is a light armored vehicle designed for combat recon operations and long range patrols in desert environments. This resin and plastic conversion set allows you to assemble the Lanciafiamme turret that will fit the chassis of a 1/48 scale Autoblinda AB-43 from Italeri.

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New release: Joaquin Palacios’ Avatar of Cthulhu Limited Edition

This Limited Edition of the Avatar of Cthulhu is an exceptional resin cast based directly upon the master sculpt of Joaquin Palacios, one of the World’s most famous sculptor. The miniature’s details are exceptionally sharp and crisp, ready for a wonderful paint job. We recommend this Limited Edition to discerning collectors and painters, who enjoy beautifully cast resin miniatures.

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New Release: Rosie – Webstore Exclusive

Sergeant Major Rosie Donovan – Counter Attack Division, ASOCOM
Recently promoted to Sergeant Major, Rosie continues to serve in the ASOCOM Counter Attack Division and is still the top Allied field mechanic.

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New Release: Angela Wolf – Webstore Exclusive

Since she was a child Angela was fascinated with weapons and armaments. She won several marksmanship medals in her youth before joining the Special Forces of the secretive BlutKreuz Korps. Her talents were discovered by Sigrid Von Thaler and now the two women are like sisters. Angela takes care of many special assignments for the Korps. She’s one of its deadliest assassins. Some even whisper that it’s her who killed a very special target…

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