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New Release: Obliterator – Hellgate Pattern

Mercenary walkers are made of whatever the Sisters can get their hands on. But thanks to the top mechanics in their ranks, they make some of the most awesome war machines on the planet! The Obliterator is presented here in Hellgate camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: Wave 14, something for everyone!

IJN Ninja & Cadets, Mercenary HQ, Support Squads & Team, Spetsnaz & PLA Red Rain/Fury, Grenadier Support Squads, Luftwaffe HQS, Cultist Saboteur Squad, Heavy Ranger HQ & Squads, and the VK Stash, they are here!

Available for purchase now at warfactory.pl and dustgame.com. dustusa.net should have it available later today.


New Release: Rosie & Crew – Collector’s Edition

Recently promoted to Sergeant Major, Rosie continues to serve in the ASOCOM Counter Attack Division and is still the top Allied field mechanic. She continues to refuse to be sent to teach at at a military academy, but has accepted to be put in charge of her own team. She teaches all she knows to these girls, who might one day replace her or put together their own crew.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: Mercenary & Mythos Crocodile Conversion Set

The servants of the Mythos and the Mercenaries don’t have access to the latest military technology and vehicles available to the other Blocs. But they can come up with amazing designs on their own. This set includes all the parts to assemble a Mercenary Tank or a Mythos Tank, based on the Tamiya 1/48 Crocodile Tank (not included).

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


Previews: Upcoming attractions from Paolo Parente!

At the Dust Nordic 2019 tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden, Paolo Parente held a presentation showing off units coming in the next two years! Check out the video from the presentation, as well as the images here!

New release – Fire Scarab – Kondor Pattern

The Fire Scarab is a simple and straightforward Vehicle: it’s here to burn your opponents to death! It is presented here in Kondor camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New release: Joyful Mechanic Crew – Model Kit – Collector’s Edition

This special set of high quality resin miniatures was made available at the Tokyo 2019 Winter Wonderfestival and is now released as a very limited edition. These are diorama figures only that will greatly compliment any vehicle in 1/48 scale.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


Preview: Wave 12 & 13 releases

Greg from DUST USA shared these previews on the official Facebook group. Lots to look forward to!

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Unboxing video: Meatgrinder

GenCon releases now available!

Spetsnaz & NDAK Army Boxes, Raketentruppe Tank-Hunter Squad, Magda & Flamingo, Cultist Fire Squad, NDAK Loki/Loth, Cthulhu Shrine and Gregor the Defector (preorder), an awesome miniature to celebrate our Anniversary!

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