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Endless War result: Action Jackson joins the Desert Scorpions!

The men of the United States Marine Corps, of the Free French Foreign Legion, and of the 2nd Dragoon Guards are not the type to call for help. But this is such a time or some of the most important oil reserves, and underground secrets, might fall to another Bloc.

Huge forces and whole regiments of the famed Long Range Desert Group have been rushed East from Northern Africa. And with them come the elite soldiers of the Desert Scorpions. These should tip the scale in favor of the Allies. They come with brand new units, carrying powerful and modern weapons, the best the Allied war machine can offer: Phasers.

This relief force is spearheaded by the veterans of the Heavy Commandos who have fought all over Europe within the SAS, commanded by their charismatic leader: Major Jackson Clayborne. With these seasoned men at the ready to join the fight, the Allies will surely reverse the situation and keep the Garden of Eden and its secrets into their hands.

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New Endless War scenario: A Smart Man’s Job

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War we return to the Golden Triangle, where an Allied Unit has made a name for itself fighting all kind of threats deep in the jungle: the 5th Legion Jungle Combat Group, commanded by Captain Thomas Vastel of the Free French Foreign Legion.

Today the 5th Legion Jungle Combat Group is on the front in the Golden Triangle jungles to face a new threat that makes loose Blutkreuz Zombies, crazed Japanese Navy Infantrymen and bloodthirsty Spetsnaz look not that dangerous after all. The Legionnaires are going to need nerves of steel now more than ever before, but they have the tools, the combat experience and the leadership to fulfill their mission. If they fail, there sure won’t be any formal grave for them either.

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New Endless War scenario: Smashing Pumpkins

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War we head back to the situation in Florida where the United States Marine Corps is fighting a brutal war against the SSU’ Spetsnaz and naval infantry in the heart of the Everglades. These past few months have been terrible for the men and women of the USMC. Renewed Soviet attacks have put the Allies on the defensive, pulling back along the front to remain a coherent defensive force. The great city of Miami has fallen, and its ruined buildings bear a red flag, an insult to every Allied citizen around the World. Stalling and retreating out of the swamps seems beneficial for the Marines, as they can use longer range firepower to stop the invasion to safer and greater effect. There’s still a good amount of fighting in the Everglades, but at least on the beaches, the Soviet advance is stopped. A lot of ground has been lost and SSU troops are entrenched now more than ever. Several powerful ships of the Allied Navy have been rerouted to provide heavy fire support for the Sino-Soviet Union must leave Allied soil!

Download the scenario from the official Google Drive.

New Endless War scenario: A Mechanic’s Job

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War, we go back to the situation in South America—Northern Argentina in particular. The SSU offensive has had exceptional results, pushing back Argentinian and Brazilian soldiers alike. A sizable chunk of Brazil is in Sino-Soviet hands and a good part of the Neutral Argentinian Army has been destroyed. The Spetsnaz managed to link Paraguay and Uruguay, effectively blocking any ground traffic between Argentina and Brazil. The red flag of the worldwide revolution is flying high!

Download the scenario from the official Google Drive.

Endless War season 2 moves in on the Congo

This week in Endless War we go back to the Congo and into Central Africa where the situation has been chaotic: Allied forces are being attacked from every direction. After the initial surprise of both the Axis and SSU renewed offensives, the Allies managed to organize efficient counter-attacks: these are Allied lands and will remain so, for the near future at least!

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Endless War: Season 1 is over

The first season of the Endless War has drawn to a close. The world map has been redrawn, and a new scenario has been released to start off season 2!

The new scenario features a long and narrow battlefield, and can be downloaded from the official Google Drive folder.

The results you submitted were in overwhelming numbers and, as promised, they changed the face of the world of DUST 1947 ! The allies remain firm in Northern but are harassed by the SSU in the West and the Axis in the East. Iceland is more disputed than ever and Zverograd is the bloodbath it has always been but the Motherland stands strong.

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