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New Release: Jagdluther / Jagdloki / Jagdwotan Model Kit

With its weapons the JagdLuther can destroy armored targets up to two kilometers away. It’s the bane of all armored vehicles. The JagdWotan is one of the deadliest walker on the planet. With its four laser guns, it can punch through any armor all other Blocs might have, at middle range. The JagdLoki is an amazing antiaircraft walker, capable of clearing the skies of any threat that might impair the Axis’ inexorable victory.

Available for purchase now at


New Release: Blutkreuz Character Pack 1 – Collector’s Edition Resin Model Kit

The forces of the dreaded BlutKreuz Korps are the most feared on the planet, and have definitely changed the World of Dust… A diamond among the horrific experiments of the Korps, Sigrid Von Thaler leads her forces to the inevitable triumph of the Axis. She won’t stop before the planet is under her control! Please note that these are resin collector’s items, with crisp details and excellent casting, but should be treated gently.

Available for purchase now at

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