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Dust War Journals is a podcast focused on the miniatures war game Dust 1947 (formerly Dust Tactics).

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New Youtube channel – Model Reviewer

A new YouTube channel called Model Reviewer has just started, which will feature reviews of models for Dust 1947. Their first video is up now, featuring the Cultist Dwelling resin scenery kit!

Terrain contest entries

Here’s all the entrants from our terrain building contest!

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Episode 20 – Winner winner chicken dinner

In this episode of Dust War Journals, the Vikings discuss the latest news and previews, answer a few listener questions, give tips on arranging your own Dust event, and draw the winners of the terrain building contest!
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New release: Möbelwagen Ausf B – Kondor Pattern

Since the invasion of Normandy by the Allied forces in 1944, the Axis have been in trouble with their opponent’s air superiority and the sheer number of planes they can have in the sky at any given time. While they were developing jet powered aircraft, they also worked a lot on ground vehicles that could protect the troops. The Möbelwagen Ausf B (Model B) is the latest generation of these vehicles, built on the venerable Panzer IV chassis. But with six brand new guns. It is presented here in its Kondor Camo Pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

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New release: Desert Scorpions Sniper Squad – Babylon Pattern

Reinforcements have arrived for the Desert Scorpions! The Sniper Squad is here to provide unique skills and abilities to fight for Freedom and gain a definitive upper hand in this Endless War.

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New release: Iron Joe – Zverograd Pattern

A legend among the GRU Spetsnaz, Iron Joe leads all SSU special forces in the Zverograd area of operations at the same time. He is presented here wearing winter camo, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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New release: Ivan the Butcher – Zverograd Pattern

One of the fiercest Spetsnaz in the whole Sino-Soviet Union, Ivan the Butcher earned his nickname thanks to his brutal methods in the field and as he trained a whole generation of special forces. Ivan is presented here wearing winter camo, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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Preview: Mercenary Hero Nathalia

The Italian Dust blog has got hold of an upcoming hero for the Mercs, Nathalia! This is the same hero that we first saw in the Christmas card from Dust Studio. She will be available as a tournament participation prize during 2018.


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Episode 19 – Spring has sprung

In this episode, the Vikings discuss a lot of new releases, as well as the recently released 2018 product catalog and a new errata document. Also, we get a status update on the ongoing terrain contest, as well as a follow-up on the Dust Nordic tournament. Finally, we tackle a few listener questions.
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New release: Panzer IV-K – Babylon Pattern

The Panzer IV has been the workhorse of the Axis Army for years now. Every satellite state, now part of the Bloc, has used it or is still using it. It is presented here in its Babylon Camo Pattern, as used in the Middle-East, circa Summer 1947.

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