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Wave 10 and 11 dates and details revealed!

We now know when Wave 10 and 11 will be released, and what they will contain!

Wave 10 will be released on November 30th, and Wave 11 will hit stores on January 31st.
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New Release: Rosie – Webstore Exclusive

Sergeant Major Rosie Donovan – Counter Attack Division, ASOCOM
Recently promoted to Sergeant Major, Rosie continues to serve in the ASOCOM Counter Attack Division and is still the top Allied field mechanic.

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Preview: Japanese releases

Dust USA just shared a bunch of images of some upcoming Japanese releases on their Facebook page!
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Special Episode – Opening the Hellgate

In this bonus episode, the Vikings opens up the Operation Hellgate expansion book, and go through all the new units, platoons and skills! Nothing will ever be the same!
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New Release: Angela Wolf – Webstore Exclusive

Since she was a child Angela was fascinated with weapons and armaments. She won several marksmanship medals in her youth before joining the Special Forces of the secretive BlutKreuz Korps. Her talents were discovered by Sigrid Von Thaler and now the two women are like sisters. Angela takes care of many special assignments for the Korps. She’s one of its deadliest assassins. Some even whisper that it’s her who killed a very special target…

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The show is now available on Spotify!

Now you can find Dust War Journals on Spotify!

Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/show/6wYbMU5erphz1UKgrXyaal

New Release: Humber Mk. V Phaser Gun Conversion Set

The Desert Scorpions of the Long Range Desert Group favor light and robust vehicles, but with deadly firepower! This conversion set allows you to mount our very own Light Phaser Gun on the turret of a 1/48 scale British 7ton Armored Car Mk. IV.

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Episode 25 – Armies on the Move

In this two year anniversary episode of Dust War Journals, the Vikings discuss the newest releases for the game, talk about a few hints of upcoming things, answer listener questions and also, announces the winners of the army box giveaway!
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New Release: Cultist Raiders

The servants of the Mythos forces don’t have access to the latest military technology and vehicles available to the other Blocs. The Citroën Traction Avant is a robust car that can be found all over the world, and with submachine guns at every window can be quite deadly too.

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New release: Various Diorama Bases

All your base are belong to us!

Whether you’re adding new models to your collection or re-basing old ones, you always need a few extra bases… Continue reading

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