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New 2018 product catalog PDF released!

Download here: CATALOG_A4_2018_72dpi


New releases: Blutkreuz Headquarters, Lilith’s Coven, PLA helicopter, and more!

Leaders of the dreadful BlutKreuz Korps, Cultists of the Mythos Gods, Fallschirmjäger of the Luftwaffe, USMC Specialists and SSU/PLA Assaulter & Controller… they all just arrived!

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New FAQ and Errata!

A new FAQ and Errata PDF was just released, featuring amongst other things changes to the Height Advantage rule, and the rules for Reactive Attacks. Download the file here: DUST 1947 – FAQ – 03.18 – WEB

New release: Steel Guards Command Squad – Babylon Pattern

The Steel Guards are veterans whose bodies have been badly damaged by the horrors of this Endless War… But their spirit, courage and love for the Motherland are untouched! Officers of the Steel Guards Command Squad direct their comrades on the battlefield and are formidable warriors in their own right. They have seen and been through the worse, many times. There’s nothing on the planet they can’t handle.

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New release: Laser Grenadier Squad

The Laser Grenadiers are the latest generation soldiers of Axis armies, so far restricted to the formations of the infamous BlutKreuz Korps. They carry the dreaded Laser Weapons, deadly to Infantry and Vehicle alike.

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Enlist app updated!

The Android version of the Enlist app just got an update, and the iOS version is coming soon! Highlights include several new units, as well as the Mythos bloc!

Download the Android version

Download the iOS version

Episode 18 – Cold, Cults, and Contests

Winter is upon us, but the Vikings press on!

In this episode, we discuss new releases and a few exciting previews of upcoming units, help a listener expand his Blutkreuz army, and launch our very first contest!
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New release: Nina (TSh) – Babylon and Kondor Patterns

The “Nina” variant of the KV-47 is one of the most popular in the grand Sino-Soviet Union terrestrial forces. Its huge RPG (Ruchnoi Protivotankoviy Granatomyot, Rocket-Propelled Grenades) is devastating to any ground target and ignores even the heaviest armors. Luckily for the enemies of the SSU, these weapons only have a quite short range…

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Endless War result: Action Jackson joins the Desert Scorpions!

The men of the United States Marine Corps, of the Free French Foreign Legion, and of the 2nd Dragoon Guards are not the type to call for help. But this is such a time or some of the most important oil reserves, and underground secrets, might fall to another Bloc.

Huge forces and whole regiments of the famed Long Range Desert Group have been rushed East from Northern Africa. And with them come the elite soldiers of the Desert Scorpions. These should tip the scale in favor of the Allies. They come with brand new units, carrying powerful and modern weapons, the best the Allied war machine can offer: Phasers.

This relief force is spearheaded by the veterans of the Heavy Commandos who have fought all over Europe within the SAS, commanded by their charismatic leader: Major Jackson Clayborne. With these seasoned men at the ready to join the fight, the Allies will surely reverse the situation and keep the Garden of Eden and its secrets into their hands.

Join the campaign at endlesswar.dustusa.com!

New release: Spetsnaz Command Squad – Zverograd Pattern

The SSU’ Spetsnaz special forces have infiltrated deep into Zverograd. The newly formed chaos in the city will be a new hunting ground for these ruthless men… The Spetsnaz Command Squad is a special unit of field officers whose skills are invaluable. They are equipped with automatic rifles, a machine gun and a flamethrower, and their sole presence on the battlefield can change the entire course of battle. A wise general should take care to protect these experienced officers. The squad is presented here in winter pattern, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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