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Dust War Journals is a podcast focused on the miniatures war game Dust 1947 (formerly Dust Tactics).

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New release: Cthulhu Lammasu Pillar

Lost in the sands of Babylon, you can make the most amazing discoveries! Some even lost for so long that last time they were seen was not by human eyes… These pillars are often found by the forces who fight in the Kondor theater, but unlike the Lammasu that protect secrets, these warn of impending doom. They are warnings of dire things to come.

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Video: Battling Brushes, The Dice Tower

Sam and Rob from the Dice Tower continue their Battling Brushes series painting Dust 1947 models!

Dust USA launches official scenario writing contest

Do you enjoy writing you own scenarios for Dust? Well, now you can, and also win something for it!

Dust USA has today launched a scenario writing contest over on Facebook. It will be open until march 16, so plenty of time to get writing and playtesting.

Check out the official post, rules and how to enter over on the official Facebook page.

New Endless War scenario: Smashing Pumpkins

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War we head back to the situation in Florida where the United States Marine Corps is fighting a brutal war against the SSU’ Spetsnaz and naval infantry in the heart of the Everglades. These past few months have been terrible for the men and women of the USMC. Renewed Soviet attacks have put the Allies on the defensive, pulling back along the front to remain a coherent defensive force. The great city of Miami has fallen, and its ruined buildings bear a red flag, an insult to every Allied citizen around the World. Stalling and retreating out of the swamps seems beneficial for the Marines, as they can use longer range firepower to stop the invasion to safer and greater effect. There’s still a good amount of fighting in the Everglades, but at least on the beaches, the Soviet advance is stopped. A lot of ground has been lost and SSU troops are entrenched now more than ever. Several powerful ships of the Allied Navy have been rerouted to provide heavy fire support for the Sino-Soviet Union must leave Allied soil!

Download the scenario from the official Google Drive.

New release: Hanomag Vampir – Kondor Pattern

As war continues some vehicles have managed to stay on top. Or have been constantly upgraded to stay relevant. It’s the case for the still very efficient “Hanomag Vampir”, equipped with night vision equipment. Its missions have remained the same for years now: transport safely the soldiers of the Panzer Grenadier divisions and provide covering fire. This vehicle does these two jobs superbly. This new vehicle will add an amazing historical touch to your Dust army. It is presented here in its Kondor Camo Pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

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Article link: Getting started with Dust 1947

Canyon Lynn has written a great Getting Started guide for new players over on Board Game Geek. Read and share!

New release: Desert Scorpions Heavy Kill Squad

Drawn from the veterans of the Free French Foreign Legion Infantry Regiments, members of the Kill Squads have proven several times their valor as elite soldiers. Coming from all nations, all continents, these men have chosen to fight for Freedom. They now have the best tools in the world to do so: brand new rapid-firing Phaser guns. Like any other Legionnaire on the planet they keep their white Kepi as their most precious belonging, even when wearing their huge armors.

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Dust 1947 Enlist app now available on the Apple app store!

After months of waiting and while the Android users were already having the pleasure of using it since last summer, we are emotional, proud and relieved to announce that our army construction and collection managing app, DUST ENLIST, is finally available for free on BOTH the Apple App Store and the Google Play store!

Dive in the app and build new lists that you can share with everyone or manage your painting queue and use it to build your lists. The app allows you to take advantage of the faction bonus and platoons and will even remind you if you missed one!

The app will be updated monthly to correct bugs and add new profiles and platoons as they are released.

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Dust War Journal t-shirts now available on Amazon!

Yes, you can now proudly show off your support for the show with your very own Dust War Journals t-shirt! Available in five different colors and many different sizes.

Check it out at Amazon.com!

Registration for Dust Nordic 2018 is now open!

Dust Nordic 2018 is a tournament that will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 24 and 25 2018. More information and registration at Dustnordic.com!

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