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Unboxing videos: NDAK & Spetsnaz Army Boxes



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Unboxing video: Luftwaffe Raketentruppe Tank-Hunter Squad

New Release: Angela Wolf – Webstore Exclusive

Since she was a child Angela was fascinated with weapons and armaments. She won several marksmanship medals in her youth before joining the Special Forces of the secretive BlutKreuz Korps. Her talents were discovered by Sigrid Von Thaler and now the two women are like sisters. Angela takes care of many special assignments for the Korps. She’s one of its deadliest assassins. Some even whisper that it’s her who killed a very special target…

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eBook novels price reduction!

The two Dust 1947 eBook novels Blood & Thunder and Zverograd: Winter Child has just had their prices reduced! Check it out at DriveThroughFiction!

Unboxing video: Loki / Loth (Trop)

GenCon releases now available!

Spetsnaz & NDAK Army Boxes, Raketentruppe Tank-Hunter Squad, Magda & Flamingo, Cultist Fire Squad, NDAK Loki/Loth, Cthulhu Shrine and Gregor the Defector (preorder), an awesome miniature to celebrate our Anniversary!

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New release: Eradicator and patches

Indulge in the Eradicator, finding the enemies of the Mythos wherever they might hide, and show your support for the NDAK, Sand Hyenas and the Spetsnaz on your favorite swag with these beautifully embroidered patches!

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New Release: Rangers & Kaori Patches

Show your support for the Rangers and the Kaori on your favorite swag! This beautifully embroidered patches depict the symbols for the Rangers forces and the Kaori Raketentruppe platoon!

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Preview: Upcoming releases presentation from Dust Days Singapore!

Yesterday, Paolo held a similar presentation at the Dust Days in Singapore, which had even more details than the presentation in Warsaw. And he also kindly shared the original images from the presentation!
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New Release: Blackhawk – Babylon Pattern

The M1B “Blackhawk” mounts an impressive weapon system based on the British PIAT (Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank), but greatly over-sized! The massive explosion blows up armored vehicles and is devastating to enemy infantry as well. This walker is presented here in Babylon camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

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