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Photo contest entries

Here are all the contributions to our photo contest! Warning: Long post, and a lot of large pictures!

Christopher Wingenbach, USA *Winner*

Alejandro Victor Samonte, Philippines

Art Wallace, USA

Bryan Buchsdrucker, Canada

Bryan Longoria, USA

Bryan Younts, USA

Carl Dickfelt, Sweden

Clint Trice, USA

Dax Maliwat, Philippines

Derek Osborne, USA

Eric L Johnson, USA

Ian Hunter, USA

Kenneth Azad Mohammed, Canada

Leo Salonen, Finland

Loke Borgersen, Norway

Marc Jordan Cruz, Philippines

Marwan Marwan, Canada

Michael Montelongo, USA

Nisrine Marwan, Canada

Seth Alan Squires, USA

Stefano Ruzza “Corman”, Italy

Svyatoslav Karyagin, Ukraine

Tim Balke, USA

Tom Glauser, USA

Vukasin Simic, Canada

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1 Comment

  1. Iwan Dierckx

    Tremendous to see everyones pictures. My votes:
    Art Wallace, USA for best board. Love the landing vehicles, hope Dust studio will bring them back
    Bryan Younts, USA for most fun
    Eric L Johnson, USA for most impressive army
    Stefano Ruzza “Corman”, Italy: just WOW
    Svyatoslav Karyagin, Ukraine: best painted

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