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Terrain contest entries

Here’s all the entrants from our terrain building contest!

Christopher W Franklin, USA

Background information
Allied military-industrial activity in Iceland has accelerated melting of the Vatnajokull Glacier. Melting ice has revealed an ancient temple predating any known human habitation on the island. Axis and SSU forces, tipped off by spies, scramble to secure a foothold but meet fierce resistance from Allied forces. Since the site has not yet been studied by academics, combatants are unaware of the danger the temple poses to those who dare to enter it.

Special rules
New Rule – Madness. Any infantry or hero units that activate while on this piece of terrain roll a die. On a Target the unit has gone “Mad” and another die must be rolled immediately. On the second die roll, Faction = the unit attacks the nearest friendly Unit (if out of range, the Mad Unit must take move/march move actions toward the nearest friendly Unit to attack it during the Mad Unit’s next available attack action). Target = the unit attacks itself (using all weapon groups, takes no saves). Shield = The Unit takes two nothing actions. Madness lasts for the remainder of the game. On subsequent activations, roll a die to determine what the unit’s “Mad” action will be for that activation. Units which succumb to “Madness” are considered hostile by all blocs and may be engaged by any force in play.

Alejandro Victor Samonte, Philippines

Background information
“Miscatonic Research Office, Manila Philippines”
Famed Explorer Dr. R.V. “Mongoose” Santos discovered ancient ruins in a secret location. Dr. Santos returned home to the Philippines and kept a record of his findings in his office in Manila.

A few weeks after his famed discovery, Dr Santos showed a curious change in behavior. He Excessively fearful, worried, or anxious, as well as numerous cases of delusions or hallucinations.

A mysterious explosion destroyed Dr Santos’s office. The famed explorer is still missing at this time.

You have been sent to investigate the destroyed ruin of Miscatonic Research Office. Residents warn that the ruins give off a menacing aura and that people inside the ruins report hearing voices in their heads.

Special rules
*this terrain piece is best used in a control objective based scenario game. place the objective inside the terrain piece, and use the special rules below:

“Scent of Blood” – Infantry Units cannot make a March move action if they are within 4 squares (16″/40cm) of the terrain piece.

“Tormenting Voice”
An Infantry Unit inside the terrain must roll 1 dice at the start of their activation.
On a FACTION symbol: the unit stays calm and activates as normal.
On a SHIELD symbol: the unit collapses in fear, the unit takes a Nothing action as its first action.
On a HIT symbol: the unit is driven to madness and will try to hurt themselves, the unit takes or suffers one damage.

Seth Squires, USA

Background information
The Mad Monk’s book has been unearthed. A courier in a thirty year old warplane was tasked to deliver it to Lillith’s coven, but he was shot down over the jungle. The pilot survived the crash but was eaten alive in the piranha infested water. Now the foul cargo has corrupted the landscape and attracted the notice of all three blocks.

Special rules
The water surrounding the crashed plane is teeming with deadly piranhas, who will attack with 3/1 to infantry 1 or 2.

Foo Chee Guan, Singapore

Background information
The Lost Bunker

Within the intelligence circles, the legend of the lost bunker remains a mystery to everyone. All expeditions to locate this bunker belonging to the Blutkreuz Korps in the remote forest of eastern Europe has either ended in failure to locate the facility or those who go looking for it simply disappeared without a trance.
It was rumored that in the early days of Babylon explorations, the Blutkreuz Korps recovered an incredible artifact in the deep underground catacombs of Babylonian ruins. This artifact was transported with heavy security to their top secret experimental underground bunker hidden in a secret location where they could practice their occult rituals and experiments in total secrecy.
However just as quickly as the large axis forces were seen mobilized and reported to congregate toward transporting the artifact to the bunker, they seem to have as quickly and mysteriously disappear into thin air. The locals have since been reporting strange mist sightings deep in the forests and mountain range and unexplained disappearances of livestock and even villagers. The Blutkreuz Korps has not since been seen returning to this area and all reports indicate that whatever that was brought there was abandoned along with their underground facility. Everything about this simply does not make any sense.

Special rules
Scenario Rules:

1)The Lost Bunker is an objective marker ( with hatch version) which is placed in the center of the Map. All players deploy from either edge of the map.
2)The scenario only last 3 turns before the game ends ( The Bunker disappears after a deep mist envelop the area)
3)The winner of the scenario is the player who successfully captures the lost bunker objective.
4)When the Bunker objective is being captured, the hatch burst opens and a Nether worm spawns to attack, this first encounter will immediately result in a Close-Combat with capturing force.
5)The Nether worm is treated as a player and when playing its turn and will take its turn after the player who is capturing the objective which spawns the Nether worm.
6)The Nether worm only spawn when the objective is being actively captured. If the objective is not in capture, the Nether worm will retreat into the bunker, further capturing of the same objective will spawn a new Nether worm. The Nether worm does not move away from the bunker opening and in combat will always be considered to be fighting from cover.
7)The game is won only after the Nether worm is successfully destroyed and the objective is held until the end of the player’s turn.

Nether Worm Stats:

->0 ->->0 4

Lifepoints: 7

(C) 1X Acid Slime Tentacles: Infantry (1 to 4) 4/death, Armour (1 to 7) 4/4, Aircraft (1-3) 0/0

Special abilities:

DAMAGE RESILIENT: Roll one die for each point of Damage the unit takes, Negating one point for each rolled.
FIRST STRIKE: Resolve Close-Combat Attacks before target resolves theirs.
MYTHOS CREATURE: Immune to Suppression and Critical Hits.
CLOSE TO THE SOURCE: Unit may re-roll any die roll once and will have to accept the new roll results. ( Free re-roll of any dice rolls once, no limits in game)
FLAME: Target gets no saves from this weapon and are Suppressed.

Jesper Kjærgaard-Jensen, Denmark

Background information
The Cthulhu fountain is a gateway for the mythos forces in the underground. The heavy fighting in Zvergorad has disturbed the underground and not only uncovered alien catches of VK, but also awoken ancient tombs underneath the city.

The first troops to report strange happenings and terrible creatures were the soldiers fighting the rattenkrieg in the sewers and metro system under the city.

At first the high command of the various factions wrote of the reports as zombies, gorillas or simply the illusions of tired worn out soldiers.

However, the appearances of strange monsters above ground have left no doubt : something underneath Zvergorad has been awakened. More disturbingly civilians and soldiers from all sides seem to have thrown away their former loyalties and formed cults around the strange phenomenon.

Several fountains and water pumps across the city seems to spread the terrible phenomenon leaving soldiers close to the water outlets paralyzed by fear and dread of what they witness.

Special rules
All units with the Mythos/Cthulhu keyword within 10cm/1 square of the infected fountain gain an extra action (to a maximum of three) on a roll of symbol when activating.

Enemy units within 10cm/1 square of the infected fountain gain a suppression token at the start of their activation to a maximum of one suppression token.

Christopher Wingenbach, USA

Background information
The bunker was lit from the screens showing the first initial images of the creatures coming out of the desert. The silence held for a couple of minutes before a clerk on her knees whispered “What the hell is that?”
“I don’t know, but I say we bomb them back to hell!” General Haig yelled into the stillness trying to break the shock. The room erupted into motion and noise. No one countered his command and the bombers lifted off all over the globe within minutes. With such a massive bombing campaign there will be some that fail to explode on impact.

Special rules
The bomb interacts with units the same way a tank trap works except that it blocks line of sight as well.

When the bomb takes damage do a crit roll, double faction causes the bomb to explode. Due to the flammable nature of the bomb flame/flameburst damage only rolls 1 die and on faction causes the bomb to explode.

When the bomb explodes it obliterates any unit on its square or range 1, no save or damage resilience. Range 2-3 (los required) damage to infantry and vehicles is 2f(flame)/skull. Range 4-5 (los required) is 2f/1 infantry and 2f/4 vehicles. Range 6-7 (los required) is f/1 infantry and f/4 on vehicles.

Shawn Houghtaling, USA

Background information
Translated from russian to english. This blood covered report was found among many at the SSU Base called Sand Shallow. All SSU soldiers were dead. Small arms fire and horrible claw and bite marks were inflicted on the soldiers therein.
The Obelisk Idol
Report #1375
To: Commissar Viktor Congariout
From: Sergeant Dimitri Hazinoff
Respected Commissar Congariout, this report is to confirm your theory on the obelisk that has appeared from nowhere 4 kilometers south of Base Sand Shallow. It is indeed a mythos creation.
My squad, under your orders, went to the reported area and found the obelisk surrounded by many hostile black robed individuals. They seemed to be worshiping the idol. We engaged the enemy and were surprised how they did not put of a fight and died easily.
Once at the Obelisk we saw many strange glyphs and writing. See photos accompanying this report. Shortly after these pictures were taken my men started worship the idol. They were out of their minds. A fight ensued with me being the only survivor. Afterwards I buried the men nearby and returned to Base Sand Shallow with camera.
I write this report with a pistol on my desk. It wants me to return but I will not betray the Motherland. The men I buried, I see everywhere. I will finish this report. Then I will kill myself. I will not betray. I must not betray.
Sergeant Dimitri Hazinoff.

Special rules
Objective: This terrain always counts as an objective. In a game where no objectives are used any player who has an infantry unit occupying the objective will gain 5 VP’s.
Stone Obelisk: This terrain counts as a Tank Trap.
Eldrich Signs: Infantry units gain Mythos Creature special rule while they are occupying this terrain.
Maddening: At the start of each turn that a player has an infantry unit occupying this terrain roll two dice. If each die rolls a faction symbol that unit becomes insane and begin must take one of two actions during their activation. They must either take 2 nothing actions or make melee attacks only against an infantry unit that is adjacent to the infantry unit. If no unit is adjacent the unit attacks its self. Roll one Improvised Close Combat attack for each Infantry model. This attack will be considered a Sustained attack. Assign hits as normal to the occupying squad.

Nicolas Michoux, France

Background information
Chthonian archaeological site of Akmôn, far north of Mehtarlâm, Eastern Afghanistan. —
Professor Phil H.J. Pembroke’s journal, last entry: Found the entrance. The very interstices of space. Akmôn is watching us. —
Lieutenant Tom Derrick’s Recon Squad dropped on site for further investigation. Communication disrupted shortly afterwards. —
Transcription of a high-level confidential memo from the Exo Artifacts US Division, as of 11 June 1948. —

Special rules
Staring at the Infinite of Space
Heroes and Infantry units with a LoS through the Gate may take a Special Action to move to any visible place along this line beyond the Gate, leaving one further Attack Action for that Activation. Once the unit has done so, roll a die. On a roll of Symbol or Hit, the unit returns to its original position. On a roll of Shield, something goes wrong. The unit is stuck where it is. Place a twin unit at the original position. This evil twin unit can therefore be activated by the opponent player. Cultists do not generate twin units. However, they can not return to their original position and gain the rule Lesser Mythos Creatures for the rest of the game.
Place the Gate in the middle of the map for an easy resolution of the rule. You may choose a more challenging setup in placing the Gate in the middle of a lateral side. In this case, determine the LoS beyond the Gate by “reflection” with respect to the central line of the map taken as the normal to the surface of the Gate.

Robert Cardani, USA

Background information
The Cultists have found an ancient pool that allows them to summon mythos creatures into the world.

Special rules
Once per game a Culist hero can use the summoning pool to bring an eliminated mythos creature or squad of creatures back into play. The hero can use one action to roll two dice or two actions to roll four dice. On a dice roll of two bloc symbols a mythos creature or squad of creatures is immediately brought back into play. The creature or squad can be placed in an open square next to the pool.

Tom Glauser, USA

Background information
Minefields sized to grid squares (actually built on leftover terrain tiles).

Duncan Waugh, UK

Background information
The Obsidian Vault.
Created and sealed untold centuries ago, the ancient tomb hides many unknown evils beneath its time ravaged exterior. Its dark surface absorbs all light that touches its cursed surface, drawing its unwary victims in. No living person knows what lies within its stone exterior, and the top cover’s carved depictions of the Great One, Cthulu, are the only clue as to the vault’s origin. What is known, however, is that when those of a more rash and reckless disposition have disturbed its contents, after the swirling dark tempest that subsequently engulfs the area has faded, none in the vicinity remain to tell the tale.

Special rules
If the Obsidian Vault has not already been opened, once per game, an infantry or hero unit on the same square can use the Investigate special action:
-Roll one die, on a [Symbol] or [Target], the vault is successfully opened. The unit opening the vault immediately takes one point of damage. For the rest of the game, the vault and its adjacent squares provide cover, but any infantry or hero unit entering or ending their movement on one of these squares takes one point of damage, as their souls are sucked into the vortex beneath.

Art Wallace, USA

Background information
A network of these radar stations has greatly slowed the attacker’s advance, preventing them from fielding aircraft. This has given the defenders time to regroup their forces and mount an effective defense.

Special rules
Radar prevents aircraft from coming within 6 squares of its location. Attackers must destroy the radar with demo charges.

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