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Month: December 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Happy new year!

New Endless War scenario: A Mechanic’s Job

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War, we go back to the situation in South America—Northern Argentina in particular. The SSU offensive has had exceptional results, pushing back Argentinian and Brazilian soldiers alike. A sizable chunk of Brazil is in Sino-Soviet hands and a good part of the Neutral Argentinian Army has been destroyed. The Spetsnaz managed to link Paraguay and Uruguay, effectively blocking any ground traffic between Argentina and Brazil. The red flag of the worldwide revolution is flying high!

Download the scenario from the official Google Drive.

Episode 16 – It Was A Very Good Year

Another year over, a new one just begun!

The Vikings are gathered again, this time discussing the final bit of news for 2017, and also counting down their individual Top 5 Exciting Releases of 2017, and reminiscing about other great moments from the year that was. Continue reading

New release: Heavy Grenadier Antiaircraft Squad – Babylon and Cerberus Pattern

Officially designed schwer SturmGrenadiere Ausf. C, the Heavy Grenadier Antiaircraft Squad is one of the deadliest unit in the Grand Axis Army. Each member of the unit carries a squad sized support weapon with plenty of ammunition, the Fliegerfaust, taking advantage of the incredible strength their armor gives. Thanks to the sheer firepower of this weapon, each of these Heavy Grenadiers can take shoot down an aircraft with ease. It’s also very efficient against any type of infantry as well as light armored targets. The weapon can even be unloaded in one deadly salvo, using the Skill of the same name, for tremendous damage.

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Dust Studio releases 2017: The full list

Here’s a big list of everything that was released for Dust 1947 during 2017! It’s really been quite a year!


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Dust War Journals!




New release: Joaquin Palacios’ Nyarlathotep Limited Edition

This Limited Edition of the Avatar of Nyarlathotep is an exceptional resin cast based directly upon the master sculpt of Joaquin Palacios, one of the World’s most famous sculptors. The miniature’s details are exceptionally sharp and crisp, ready for a wonderful paint job. We recommend this Limited Edition to discerning collectors and painters, who enjoy beautifully cast resin miniatures.

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Endless War season 2 moves in on the Congo

This week in Endless War we go back to the Congo and into Central Africa where the situation has been chaotic: Allied forces are being attacked from every direction. After the initial surprise of both the Axis and SSU renewed offensives, the Allies managed to organize efficient counter-attacks: these are Allied lands and will remain so, for the near future at least!

Sign up and send in your battle reports at endlesswar.dustusa.com!

New scenario from Warfactory.pl

Warfactory has just released a Christmas scenario for 2017! Check it out here!

Event calendar added!

We’ve just added an event calendar to the site! This will be a place to find interesting events like tournaments, game days, demos or conventions featuring Dust.

If you have an event that you would like to see added to the calendar, please get in contact with us!

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