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Preview: Desert Scorpions infantry

Paolo Parente just posted a few preview pics for upcoming Desert Scorpions infantry figures over on Facebook. Take a look!

“The Desert Scorpion Troopers are being developed as Hard Plastic figurines. The tooling process for such figurines is not only more expensive, it is also super demanding… After digital sculpture the figurines need to be engineered for molding and then retouched before the actual molds can be processed. The third phase is starting next week.”

“This is the unit leader, they all come with optional heads and weapons.”

“A last one…”

“No, one more! FFL!!”

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  1. These look amazing I have been holding off adding some marine or ranger Infantry to my Desert Scopions. I hope the pre painted have an option of different nationalities or just a mix like the trucks them selves works too.
    Need more Aussies in Dust 🙂

  2. I love these. I was debating with myself on expanding into USMC or Desert Scorpions. I think the Scorpions will be next on my list.

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