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Dust War Journals is a news site and a podcast focused on the tabletop miniatures game Dust 1947, and all the various aspects of the game and hobby. Join Johannes, Magnus and Ludvig as they explore this Weird War II game!

Previews: Release schedule for the rest of 2017, and Cthulhu Mythos creatures!

Release schedule October – December 2017. Thanks to Gregoire Boisbelaud for revealing this information on the official Facebook group!

October November releases (starting next week) :
D105 D106 D107 : Battle For Zverograd 2 player Special Edition box. Primed only. $90 each.
AX438 : Luftwaffe Support Weapons : 2 support weapons units (complete). $45.
AL722 : Desert Scorpion Assault/Mortar/Transport Truck : 1 Chassis, 3 weapons options. $45.
ME703 : Mercenary Meatgrinder/Pulverizer : 1 Chassis, 2 weapons and crew options. $45.

November December releases :
CT001 : Nyarlathotep Summoning Army Box. 1 Avatar of Nyarlathotep, 2 Spawns of Cthulhu. $130
AL700 : Allied Light Walkers : 1 Chassis 3 Weapon options : Honey, Wildfire, Bushmaster with card for the Wildfire USMC included. $45.
AX410 : Raketentruppe Heroes Box : Goliath, Kaori, Raketenmann. $35.

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  1. Can’t wait to get these…

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