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Dust War Journals is a podcast focused on the miniatures war game Dust 1947 (formerly Dust Tactics).

Month: October 2017

New combined Rules Errata and FAQ document released!

This new document collects three different previous documents into one, updates the graphical style to match the rule book, and also includes some changes and additions.

You can download the file at our Files section, or at dustgame.com.

New release: Heavy Laser Grenadier Squad

Alongside the Wehrmacht, the Blutkreuz Korps also uses the latest body armors available to the Axis to field units of their own version of the famous schwer SturmGrenadiere. Officially designated as schwer LaserGrenadiere -or Heavy Laser Grenadiers- these are the “larger” brothers of the Laser Grenadiers, the shock troops of the Korps. These men are tasked to go in even tougher situations, combat zones where Zombies and Apes only won’t cut it, but where regular infantry is just not enough. Their schwer SturmLaser, or Heavy Assault Laser, can cut through almost anything but the heaviest armored vehicles and it shreds infantry. A dreaded sight on any battlefield, the Heavy Laser Grenadiers are among the deadliest soldiers on the planet.

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New release: AB-43 Lanciafiamme – Kondor Pattern

The Autoblinda 43 (AB-43, Armored Car model 1943) of the Regio Esercito (Royal Army) is a light armored vehicle designed for combat recon operations and long range patrols in desert environments. Different variants built on this chassis have been in service of the Axis Army since 1941. Model 43 is equipped with a powerful flamethrower, lanciafiamme in Italian, hence the nickname of this vehicle. It is presented here in its Kondor Camo Pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

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The first scenario for Endless War is now live

Dust USA just revealed the first custom scenario for the Endless War global campaign. If you’ve signed up, you should find an email in your inbox pointing you to the PDF.

The scenario is called “Final Destination” (in reference to the movie franchise perhaps?). It features a lot of terrain elements and a standard size map (2 mats for gridded, 180×120 cm for gridless).

To win, you simply have to destroy the opposing army, or have destroyed the most points at the end of 8 rounds.

What do think of this first campaign scenario? Let us know in the comments, or by email to dustwarjournals@gmail.com!

New release: Heavy Grenadier Assault Squad

Officially designed schwer SturmGrenadiere Ausf. A, the Heavy Grenadier Assault Squad is one of the deadliest unit in the Grand Axis Army. Each member of the unit carries not one but two squad sized support weapons, the Maschinengewehr 44 Zwilling (twin-linked MG44Z) taking advantage of the incredible strength their armor gives. Thanks to the sheer firepower of this dual weapon, these Heavy Grenadiers can take on any infantry and light ground targets and most aircraft with deadly force and accuracy.

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Episode 13 – Enlist

Life continues to happen, but the Vikings press on and deliver yet another thrilling episode of Dust War Journals!

In this episode, we discuss new and upcoming releases and re-releases, as well as the global online campaign Endless War, and the brand new official Dust 1947 mobile app Enlist.

We also discuss a few rumors about future helicopters and the next expansion.

And finally, we interview ourselves, and talk about our personal views on Dust and gaming in general.
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