Dust Studio just released the official Army Builder for Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

DUST STUDIO is happy and proud to announce the Public Alpha version of the brand new DUST 1947 Army Builder app on the Google Play store.
This app will allow you to build your army the way you want it but also to manage your collection of miniatures.
– Find all the references in the game, with their updated cards for DUST 1947.
– Build army list using the Platoons and faction/bloc bonus any way you want : either by choosing a platoon right ahead or by building your army as you please, the app will then remind you that you have platoons applicable to your list !
– Thesaurus : You can consult the complete rules for every ability in the game and even use abilities as filters to find miniatures or complete your army lists.
– Collection Manager : Add the minis you own, you have primed or painted and use them in your filters to build your army with what you have at hand.
– Built in tutorial : Familiarize yourselves with the app by using it and getting information directly as you interact with it.
– Totally free and compatible with any Android tablet or phone. The iOS version has been submitted and we will inform you as it becomes available.
Remember that this app is still work in progress and several changes will still happen. The built in analytics will also let us know every time you encounter some bugs while keeping your personal data confidential (we don’t have access to them apart from the model of device and OS version).

Read more and download at Google Play Store.

Instructions on how to run the Army Builder on a desktop computer

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