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Month: July 2017

New release: Luft Horst

This airborne operations ready walker is used in the Luftwaffe Ground Divisions. Thanks to its thrusters, it can be parachuted directly on the battlefield, joining the action as soon as the rest of the invasion force arrives. This walker is tasked with providing long range fire support thanks to its Nebelwerfer Rocket Launchers. They can obliterate whole areas of the battlefield in seconds. It is also capable of delivering smoke shells that are very effective in disrupting enemy’s fire, protecting the Luftwaffe forces.

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New release: Raketentruppe Command Squad

The Luftwaffe Raketentruppe Command Squad is a special unit of field officers whose skills are invaluable. They are equipped with assault rifles and a rocket launcher, and their presence on the battlefield can change the entire course of battle, thanks to their precious skills. A wise general should take care to protect these experienced officers.

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New release: Type 47

The People Liberation Army (PLA) fights a relentless war against the Imperial Japan in China and South-East Asia. But as part of the grand SSU Bloc, its forces can be found all over the World where the Revolution is fought. The Type 47 is a new walker that has been recently issued to the SSU Army, starting with the PLA. For years its armored regiments received second hand vehicles but this has changed recently. Thanks to its two massive Tesla guns, the Type 47 is a threat to even the heaviest vehicles on the planet.

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New release: Hexe

The Luftwaffe has of course access to the latest generation of jet powered aircraft. Many are even fielded before the trials are over: if there’s an operational need, then the plane goes on mission! The Hexe is such an aircraft, equipped with some of the latest systems available. Its nose radar makes the plane very accurate, especially coupled with the underbelly gliding bomb. It allows to attack large targets from a safe distance, a new nightmare for the enemies of the Axis.

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Episode 10 – Dust over Europe

In this double digit episode, the Vikings discuss the recent European Championship, current news and unit releases, and try to “fix” superhumans.
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