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Dust War Journals is a news site and a podcast focused on the tabletop miniatures game Dust 1947, and all the various aspects of the game and hobby. Join Johannes, Magnus and Ludvig as they explore this Weird War II game!

Month: November 2016

How was your Dust year of 2016?

For the next episode of the podcast, I’m going to look back at the Dust year of 2016. For this, I need your help! Send in your best war stories, what new releases really blew you away, or what you’re looking forward to the most in 2017. Audio clips are very welcome, just record on your smartphone and email to dustwarjournals@gmail.com!

Episode 3 – The Interview

In this episode, we talk about some new and exciting releases, the results of the Dust European Masters, and have an exclusive interview with Paolo Parente, Olivier Zamfirescu and Marek Laskowski!
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