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Dust War Journals is a podcast focused on the miniatures war game Dust 1947 (formerly Dust Tactics).

Running the Army Builder on a desktop computer

Here’s how you can run the newly released official Army Builder on your desktop computer!
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Official Army Builder for Android released!

Dust Studio just released the official Army Builder for Android, with an iOS version coming soon.
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Dust War Journals turns 1!

Yes, it’s our first anniversary here at Dust War Journals! Our first episode went out a year ago today.

First off, we would like to thank all our listeners and supporters. This show is made for you, and without you it would be nothing.

Secondly, I (Johannes) would like to thank Magnus and Ludvig for joining this crazy venture. The show got a million times better when you decided to lend your voices to it!

And finally, a big thank you to Dust Studios. To Paolo, to Olivier, to Vincent, and everyone else involved in bringing this great game to us.

You might be wondering, is there any way I can help Dust War Journals celebrate this occasion? Yes there is! The simplest way is writing a review of the show on our iTunes page (use the iOS or desktop app).

Thanks again, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

New release: Laser Tank-Hunter Squad

The Axis Blutkreuz Korps is the sole user of man-sized laser weapons on the planet. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can miniaturize these deadly devices to have them available at any level on the battlefield. Some weapons are even shared between infantry and vehicles, as is the case of the Light Laser Antitank Gun this unit carries. Operated by the elite soldiers of the Heavy Grenadiers of the Blutkreuz Korps, this gun grants them a tactical flexibility unheard of, while being as deadly as ever.

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New release: Heavy Grenadier Anti-Tank Squad

As soon as the Axis heavier body armors became available, the soldiers wearing them were send into the most difficult combat situations. Often deployed way before any kind of support could be available, the SturmGrenadiere (“Heavy Grenadiers”) would often complain to lack some kind of long range firepower. They were heard and the Axis engineers managed to trim off the fat of one of the Bloc most trusted weapon: the 7.5 cm PanzerabwehrKanone 40 (7.5 cm PaK 40). Now issued to these elite Grenadiers, this formidable weapon would soon prove deadlier than ever.

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Episode 12 – Man Down

The Vikings are one man short in this episode, but are still charging ahead regardless!

In this episode, we discuss the new PLA starter box for SSU, and the exciting new heroes within it, The Dragon and The Phoenix.

Johannes has got a hold of the long awaited dodge trucks, and we take a thorough look at them as well.

Finally, we offer up some tips and advice for getting new players into the game.
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New release: Babylon Rubble

This wonderful set of scenery has been designed and sculpted by Dust Studio’s Art Director Vincent Fontaine. It greatly enhances your Babylon tables with unique looking and very versatile scenery. Some parts of the set can also be used as markers or objectives. The Babylon Rubble doesn’t affect movement or line of sight and can be conveniently placed on your gaming table without impairing miniature placement. It can also be used with any WW2, modern or Sci-Fi gaming system.

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Updated square cards for Allies

Дмитрий Сур just updated his fan made square cards for the Allies, adding in the new Dodge trucks!

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Updated square cards for SSU

Дмитрий Сур just updated his fan made square cards for the SSU, adding in the new PLA units!

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Bonus: Blood and Thunder, chapter one

While on patrol in the icy Antarctic, Radioman Jack Armbruster stumbles upon a cry for help from French spy Gisèle Lachance. Posing as a Vichy diplomat, Gisèle became embroiled in a diabolical Axis plot led by the beautiful but cruel Lady Sigrid Von Thaler of the horrifying Blutkreuz, a scheme that involves talking gorillas, walking dead, and an alien starship strapped to the side of a V-2 rocket hidden in a secret Axis base. Along with the brave soldiers of Bravo Company, Jack must race against time to help Gisèle put an end to Sigrid’s plans before she launches her rocket and gives the Axis an unbeatable edge in the war for the planet’s fate.

This is chapter one of Blood and Thunder, read to you by Dust War Journals own Ludvig Mauritzson. Published with permission from Dust Studios.
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