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New Release: Justine & Crew – Collector’s Edition

Mercenary mechanics teams can be found in the forces of every Bloc, as more and more Men and Women are sent to the front lines. They play a key role in the War Effort, and do wonders bringing heaps of metal back to life. Justine’s team is among the most famous on the planet, having an amazing knowledge of all the Bloc’s vehicles, tanks and walkers included.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


Episode 37 – Bag of Broken Bits


In this episode the Vikings discuss 3D printing, music to game to, the newest releases, answer some listener questions, and launch a trivia contest!

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MDF terrain Kickstarter
Music – Dead Surfer Girl
Die Hungerspiele tournament in Berlin, Germany
Raillway tournament in Tranås, Sweden
German Masters tournament in Berlin, Germany

New Release: Spetsnaz Headquarters – Babylon Pattern

The SSU’ Spetsnaz special forces have infiltrated deep in Mesopotamia. The newly formed chaos of Operations Babylon, Kondor and Hellgate will be a new hunting ground for these ruthless men…

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: Grenadier Support Squads – Cerberus Pattern

The Grenadiers form the base of the Axis Army and are found all over the World where this Bloc is engaged in combat. These three support squads bring unique abilities to any Axis army. They are presented here in Cerberus camouflage pattern, as used in Europe circa 1947.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: Obliterator – Hellgate Pattern

Mercenary walkers are made of whatever the Sisters can get their hands on. But thanks to the top mechanics in their ranks, they make some of the most awesome war machines on the planet! The Obliterator is presented here in Hellgate camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


Episode 36 – The Times They Are A-Changin’


In this experimental episode, the Vikings appear on video for the first time! Also, the latest GenCon releases are discussed, as well as the future of the show!

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New Release: Wave 14, something for everyone!

IJN Ninja & Cadets, Mercenary HQ, Support Squads & Team, Spetsnaz & PLA Red Rain/Fury, Grenadier Support Squads, Luftwaffe HQS, Cultist Saboteur Squad, Heavy Ranger HQ & Squads, and the VK Stash, they are here!

Available for purchase now at warfactory.pl and dustgame.com. dustusa.net should have it available later today.


Wave 14 teased, release is next week

Wave 14, including both re-releases of old favorites and new cool units, is expected to be available for sale worldwide on August 1st!

Episode 35 – Gorillas Are The Hotness


It’s extra hot in the Ludda-cave, and the Vikings try to cool off by discussing the latest Dust news, upcoming and recent events, and answer questions from listeners!

RSL Gaming terrain
Dust 1947 at BoardGameGeek

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New Release: Axis Weapon Set 5

Panzerfaust galore! If your infantry loves to blow up tanks and walkers, this weapon set is made for you!

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.

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