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Episode 41 part 2 – Mail Call


In this second part of episode 41, the Vikings answer a whole lot of listener questions!

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New Release: Super Pershing II Conversion Set

A staple of Allied technology, Phaser guns require large VK generator that can be perfectly stored inside armored vehicles: they remain protected and take as much interior space as ammunition would. Phasers are the bane of any type of target the tank’s crew might encounter in battle! This set includes all the necessary parts to assemble a Super Pershing II, based on the Tamiya 1/48 Pershing Tank. It includes all the weapons and the main’s gun mantle, as well as a unit card. Please note that this set does not include the Tamiya kit.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


Episode 41 – 2020 Is Hindsight


In this first episode of the twenties, the Vikings take a look back at the year that was, as well as a look forward on things yet to come!

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Dust Studio releases 2019: The full list

Here is the big list of everything that was released for Dust 1947 during 2019! Some really cool units were added to the game this year!


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New Year Releases: Mercenaries, Allies, Cthulhu and Blutkreuz

Justine & Co VI, the Heroes of ASOCOM, the Cthulhu Mythos Assault Squad and the Zombie Grenadier Squad just arrived!

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com, Dust USA and Warfactory.


New Release: USMC Headquarters – Babylon Pattern

When the Allies Bloc was formed, all armed forces joined the grand Allied Army. Well except the United States Marine Corps who said thanks but no thanks. We’re going to keep our name and our traditions and we’ll welcome anyone who wants to join but we’re going to remain the USMC.This Headquarters reference includes three Heroes and the USMC Command Squad. The Heroes are Machete Mack, a brilliant Officer; Crazy Jimmy, an incredible walker pilot; and Frank, a deadly fighter.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: Shadow 1/20 Collector’s Edition

Weng Si is back once again and is looking better than ever! We welcome the second release of this new line of resin miniatures in 1/20 scale. Dust Studio is proud to introduce this top of the line miniatures, especially designed for the most discerning collectors.

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com.


New Release: X-Mas Releases! IJN, Axis, Mythos, SSU, Paradise Lost

IJN Headquarters, Axis/NDAK Tanks, Cthulhu Mythos Headquarters, Steel Guard Starter Set and the Paradise Lost Campaign Book just arrived!

Available for purchase now at dustgame.com, Warfactory and Dust USA.


Black Friday sale at Dustgame.com!

Dustgame.com is currently holding a Black Friday sale for 30% off selected premium Babylon pattern models! A lot of stuff from the three original blocks are up for grabs.

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Special Episode – Paradise Lost


The Mythos has risen, and chaos spreads! The new expansion book is coming, and the Vikings take a deep dive into all the new rules, scenarios, units and lore!

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