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Endless War result: Action Jackson joins the Desert Scorpions!

The men of the United States Marine Corps, of the Free French Foreign Legion, and of the 2nd Dragoon Guards are not the type to call for help. But this is such a time or some of the most important oil reserves, and underground secrets, might fall to another Bloc.

Huge forces and whole regiments of the famed Long Range Desert Group have been rushed East from Northern Africa. And with them come the elite soldiers of the Desert Scorpions. These should tip the scale in favor of the Allies. They come with brand new units, carrying powerful and modern weapons, the best the Allied war machine can offer: Phasers.

This relief force is spearheaded by the veterans of the Heavy Commandos who have fought all over Europe within the SAS, commanded by their charismatic leader: Major Jackson Clayborne. With these seasoned men at the ready to join the fight, the Allies will surely reverse the situation and keep the Garden of Eden and its secrets into their hands.

Join the campaign at endlesswar.dustusa.com!

New release: Spetsnaz Command Squad – Zverograd Pattern

The SSU’ Spetsnaz special forces have infiltrated deep into Zverograd. The newly formed chaos in the city will be a new hunting ground for these ruthless men… The Spetsnaz Command Squad is a special unit of field officers whose skills are invaluable. They are equipped with automatic rifles, a machine gun and a flamethrower, and their sole presence on the battlefield can change the entire course of battle. A wise general should take care to protect these experienced officers. The squad is presented here in winter pattern, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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New Endless War scenario: A Smart Man’s Job

A new scenario for the Endless War campaign has just been released.

This week in Endless War we return to the Golden Triangle, where an Allied Unit has made a name for itself fighting all kind of threats deep in the jungle: the 5th Legion Jungle Combat Group, commanded by Captain Thomas Vastel of the Free French Foreign Legion.

Today the 5th Legion Jungle Combat Group is on the front in the Golden Triangle jungles to face a new threat that makes loose Blutkreuz Zombies, crazed Japanese Navy Infantrymen and bloodthirsty Spetsnaz look not that dangerous after all. The Legionnaires are going to need nerves of steel now more than ever before, but they have the tools, the combat experience and the leadership to fulfill their mission. If they fail, there sure won’t be any formal grave for them either.

Download the scenario here!

New release: Purifier – Kondor Pattern

The servants of the Mythos forces don’t have access to the latest military technology and vehicles available to the other Blocs. They do their best to steal some, but are often stuck with equipment from the last War. Nevertheless these can be quite deadly and still do the job beautifully. With its Flamethrower and Machinegun, the Purifier can take on any ground target on the battlefield.

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Preview: New sculpts for Rosie

Paolo teased us on Facebook with new sculpts for Rosie coming up. Not just one, but four new sculpts!
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Episode 17 – Technical Difficulties

A new year, a new setup, and new things to talk about in the world of Dust!

In this episode, we discuss all the latest releases and previews for Dust 1947, answer a listener question, and talk about recent and upcoming tournaments. Specifically, Johannes gets grilled about the upcoming Dust Nordic 2018 tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden!
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New release: PT-47A – Babylon and Kondor Patterns

Developed initially for special operations use, this command amphibious ready vehicle is slowly becoming a staple of SSU forces around the planet. At the moment it can be mostly found with Spetsnaz and PLA forces, which make the most of its capabilities: the PT-47A can go nearly everywhere with a small group of soldiers. This version is equipped with enhance communications capabilities perfectly suited for a command vehicle.

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New release: Spetsnaz Anti-Tank Squad – Zverograd Pattern

The Spetsnaz have arrived in Zverograd! Unlike other Spetsnaz Units, the Anti-tank squad is equipped with a light body armor to give them extra protection. They have to get very close to their targets to use their powerful but short range weapons. Armored vehicles can’t stand that kind of firepower. The squad is presented here in winter pattern, as used around Zverograd circa 1947.

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2018 European Championship announced!

The 2018 Dust European Championship will be held on June 16-17 in Warsaw, Poland! If you are a Dust player in Europe, you definitely don’t want to miss this event!

More information at the tournament website.

Previews: Upcoming releases for 2018

Dust USA updated their Facebook page today with some product pictures of upcoming releases. Check them out below!
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