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New release: Raketentruppe Command Squad

The Luftwaffe Raketentruppe Command Squad is a special unit of field officers whose skills are invaluable. They are equipped with assault rifles and a rocket launcher, and their presence on the battlefield can change the entire course of battle, thanks to their precious skills. A wise general should take care to protect these experienced officers.

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New release: Type 47

The People Liberation Army (PLA) fights a relentless war against the Imperial Japan in China and South-East Asia. But as part of the grand SSU Bloc, its forces can be found all over the World where the Revolution is fought. The Type 47 is a new walker that has been recently issued to the SSU Army, starting with the PLA. For years its armored regiments received second hand vehicles but this has changed recently. Thanks to its two massive Tesla guns, the Type 47 is a threat to even the heaviest vehicles on the planet.

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New release: Btg. San Marco Assault Squad

The Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy) is home to the first special forces in History and to some of the most seasoned veterans fighting for the Axis today. The Battaglione San Marco (San Marco Battalion) is one of these units and as such as been in the War since 1939. They can mostly be found around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, where they act as a Marines unit. Some elements have even recently been deployed in the Caspian Sea near Zverograd, in an effort to take the city for good. This Assault Squad is equipped to deal with any ground threat it might encounter such as enemy infantry or vehicles thanks to its Flamethrower. Known to be robust and quick on the battlefield, the San Marco Assault Squad is justly feared among the enemies of the Axis. Please note that this squad is exclusive to the www.dust1947.com website and can’t be found elsewhere.

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New release: Gregory & Izzy

Nicknamed “Tanker Lad”, Sergeant Gregory Withrow is one of the best tank gunner in the Allied Army, maybe even on the planet. He is now part of the Desert Scorpions of the Long Range Desert Group, fighting in the sands of the Middle-East to preserve Allied lands from Axis and SSU invasions. There other tanks and walkers crews benefit from his experience and the always cheerful company of his pet, the one-eyed bulldog Izzy. Gregory has been honing his skills as a tank gunner for over a decade now, way before this war even started. There is rarely a miss when he mans the guns. Gregory is presented here in Babylon camouflage pattern, as used in North Africa and the Middle-East circa 1947.

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New release: Dustified for Elite Member Humber Mk V – Babylon Pattern

As the war rages on all fronts the Allies can’t just throw away old vehicles that have been outgunned by the crazy scientific advances born from the VK technology. If an old chassis is still battle-worthy, then let’s continue to use it and up-gun it so it stays relevant on the battlefield! The Humber Mk V is outfitted with a brand new Phaser Gun that can take out any armored unit on the planet. This vehicle is now issued to all Allied forces on the planet, but mostly those from the Commonwealth. The vehicle is presented here in Babylon pattern, as used in North Africa and the Middle-East circa 1947. Please note that the Premium version of this vehicle, presented here, is exclusive to Dust Elite members.

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Fan made square unit cards for Mercs

Дмитрий Сур is still going strong, releasing square cards for the Mercs on the official Facebook group!

Download links below!

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New release: Website Exclusive – YUKIKO – Babylon Pattern

Ensign Yukiko Fujita is a Cadet of the Imperial Japanese Navy, currently undergoing combat training in the Operation Babylon area of operations. A superior marksman, she uses a specially designed Sniper Rifle to take down enemy officers and key personnel. She loves her time on the front and can’t wait for her “sisters” to come and join her to face the enemies of the Axis. While from the IJN Faction, Yukiko can play within any Axis Army. She is presented here in her Babylon clothes, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947. Please note that this Premium version of Yukiko is exclusive to the www.dust1947.com website and can’t be found elsewhere.

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Quick PSA

If episode 9 doesn’t show up in your podcast software, re-subscribe to the podcast. Since we switched to a new domain after the last episode, the new feed might not be picked up automatically.

Fan made square unit cards for SSU and Axis

On the official Facebook group, a user by the name of Дмитрий Сур has shared these square cards for the SSU and the Axis blocs. These were originally made for the Russian community, but now they’re available in English as well!

Download links below!

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Cthulhu is coming

Dust France, a french Dust blog, showed off some pictures of upcoming Cthulhu miniatures and themed terrain pieces!

Check it out!

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