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8 – What does the FAQ say

A new FAQ and rules errata is out, and of course the Vikings want to give their take on them! Also discussed is the re-release of the Blackhawk, a Dust Nordic post mortem, and talk about upcoming events.
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7 – I’m a Soldier 2

In this episode, the Vikings discuss Airdrop rules, argue Soldier 1 vs 2 and Grid play vs Freeform, and talk about upcoming tournaments!
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6 – Big Slimy Elephant

The Viking trio returns, discussing all the recent news and previews, as well as more details on the upcoming Dust Nordic tournament!
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5 – Three Vikings, one mic

In this first episode of 2017, I invite two of my fellow Dust Vikings to talk about new releases and previews, bloc balance and upcoming events, and a whole lot more!
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4 – The year that was

In this new years special episode, we talk about the Dust year of 2016, and what we’re looking forward to in 2017.
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3 – The Interview

In this episode, we talk about some new and exciting releases, the results of the Dust European Masters, and have an exclusive interview with Paolo Parente, Olivier Zamfirescu and Marek Laskowski!
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2 – Out with a bang

Episode 2 is finally here, talking about Dust news, upcoming releases, hobby tips, tournaments and more!
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1 – Pilot

In this first episode, we talk about the new cards, upcoming tournaments, hobby tips, and more!
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0 – Teaser

We’re launching soon. In the meantime, here’s a short teaser!
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